History & Evolution


More than 100 years of taste.

Behind Jacoliva lies more than 100 years of history and evolution of a family that has made the production of high quality olive oil its hallmark.



Pozuelo de Zarzón

The setting up of a traditional mill in 1868 in Pozuelo de Zarzón was the beginning of a long period of history and evolution that has continued to this very day.


Mr. Fernando Jacinto Soto Herrero

In 1894, Mr Fernando Jacinto Soto Herrero, the director of the family company at the time, decided to start producing oil for his own consumption, giving rise in this way to the founding of Jacoliva.


D. Jacinto Corchero Moreno

 In 1970, Mr Jacinto Corchero Moreno took over the business and decided to put his faith in innovation, supplying the oil mill with the modern means necessary to perfect traditional production and further enhance the quality of the oil produced.



>For all these years Jacoliva has been able to remain loyal to the commitments that have marked its course of development:
  1. Devotion to the land and caring for the environment.
  2. Offering quality and service to farmers and customers.
  3. Taking special care in the production of olives from the local area, known for the exceptional oil obtained from the manzanilla cacereña variety.
  4. Putting its faith in the union of innovation and growth.
  5. Being a reference for quality in the industry.


For generations the family commitment to offer high quality oil has combined perfectly with support for innovation and a constant search for perfection in production processes and techniques.

Currently under the management of Mr Justino Damián Corchero Montero, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards have been established, representing the confirmation of good practices and the commitment of the organisation to its environment, customers, and suppliers.

In its constant belief in caring for the environment, Jacoliva opened an innovative plant in September 2007 to treat water used in cleaning olives and olive oil mill wastewater. Thanks to this new treatment system, water used in the olive oil production process may be returned to the public network or used for irrigation.




Pozuelo de Zarzón. Pozuelo de Zarzón in the north of the province of Cáceres. Districts of Sierra de Gata, Las Hurdes, and Valle del Alagón.



Continuous care for our surroundings and the raw material that is the essence of our products.



Our evolution partly depends on our commitment to knowledge and the development of our sector and our products.