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Coupage varieties jacoliva evoo (manzanilla cacerena + verdial + cornicabra)

In this coupage -mixture of varieties- the prevailing olive variety used is the manzanilla cacereña, the mark of identity of our products, together with other varieties from Cáceres province in smaller percentages such as cornicabra and verdial.


PAIRINGS I  This perfect combination means that the Jacoliva Aove range gives a very special touch to daily cooking.

The Jacoliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil -coupage- is the perfect companion for your daily cooking.

This genuine oil from our selected olives is produced at our olive oil mill at Pozuelo de Zarzón from a recipe that has been used by our family for several generations.

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Main Characteristics



By mechanical processes, 1st cold extraction.


Yellow with the green glints that are characteristic of the manzanilla cacereña.


Average fruitiness to the nose of early-season olives.


Sweet and very pleasant in the mouth from the beginning with a delicious balance between bitterness and spicyness, complex and nutty.


Maximum acidity content 0.5%.



Red Natura 2000

Our olives groves grow in Red Natura 2000.



Products from Extremadura

Evoo grown and produced at Pozuelo de Zarzón in the province of Cáceres.


Eco & Health Friendly

The evoo that we produce are committed to the environment and to health. .


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Its high percentage of manzanilla cacereña makes this aove a special product owing to the restricted area where the olives are grown.




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