OlivaOlivae Body Milk 250ml




4,20 €


It hydrates and rejuvenates all skin types.

Use daily.

Made with organic extra virgin olive oil.


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El Lagar del Soto certificado con sello SiQEV al compromiso con la excelencia por QVextra! Internacional

DESCRIPTION | OlivaOlivae body milk moistures and rejuvenates all skin types.

A body milk for daily use that is recommended for all skin types, especially dry or sensitive skin that will recover its smoothness thanks to its natural active ingredients.


  • Olive oil _ the combination of its fatty acids and vitamin E (which has an antioxidant effect) will keep the skin hydrated, rejuvenated, and smooth.
  • Aloe vera _ protects and refreshes the skin from outside attack, relieving reddening and itching.
  • Calendula _ has great moisturising powers that help to keep the driest of skins perfectly hydrated and to relieve tightness.
  • Musk rose _ thanks to its unsaturated fatty acids it prevents and corrects signs of photoageing, moisturising and strengthening the skin.
  • Glycerin _ keeps the skin fully moisturised to protect it from external agents.
  • Shea butter _ is especially suitable for dry and cracked skin; it deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin to make it smooth and moist. 

APPLICATION | Apply directly to the body, spread, and massage.

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