Shopping Guide



Where can I receive my order?


You will receive your order at the delivery address you indicated when you placed the order.


Can I make the purchase in one country and have it delivered in another?


Yes, you can make a purchase in Germany and have it delivered to Spain.


How long will my order take to arrive?


The terms of delivery depend on the dispatch type you have chosen:

  • Envialia 24h
  • Envialia 72h

(With the exception of the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, and Ceuta and Melilla, deliveries to which will take between 2 & 5 additional working days).

Remember that the 24-hour period is not counted from when you place the order but from when our company receives proof of payment.

In the case of payment by PayPal or by credit cards, payment is considered to be immediate, while in the case of bank transfers proof of payment may take a few days to come through depending on the bank.

In any case you are free to choose the form of payment that is most convenient for you.

Once payment of your order has been confirmed, Jacoliva will send off your order. Jacoliva sends off all its orders by 13:00 pm. If your payment was confirmed after this time, your order will be sent on the following working day.

Orders paid by the customer are always sent between 09h00 and 13h00 Monday to Friday.

If payment is confirmed on Friday at 13h30, your order will be sent on the Monday (3 days later).


How much will I pay for postage and packing?


If you choose to use a messaging service:

  • The postage and packing that you have to pay will depend on the amount purchased, the reference, the promotion that may be applicable, etc,...
  • When you process your order you will always have available the price that you will pay for the transport chosen.
  • Sending to the shop is free.


How can I follow up my order?


Through "my account" in "Order history" you can follow up all your orders. If you have not registered, click on the "Order information" link of the confirmation e-mail for the follow-up.


How do I collect an order from the shop?


Go to our shop and give us the code number for your order. We will check your ID against that of the person who placed the order. If you are unable to go you can delegate this to another person; write a note authorising the person who will collect the order for you (give his/her full name and ID and attach a copy of the latter).