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Cáceres Registry of Companies, Volume 178, Book 31, Section 2, Sheet 8, Page 662, entry 1.

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The purpose of this document is to establish and regulate rules of use for the website www.jacoliva.com. The term Website is understood to mean all the pages and contents owned by JACOLIVA, S.L. which can be accessed via the above mentioned domain address.

By means of this website, JACOLIVA, S.L. (henceforth "JACOLIVA") aims to offer information to its customers and potential customers about the company and its products, to manage the on-line shop for the sale of Jacoliva products, and to provide any other service that it may consider appropriate at any time to correctly achieve its corporate purpose.

Use of this website, as well as the services made available in it to users, will mean the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the general conditions outlined in this Disclaimer, and users should therefore be aware of the importance of reading them whenever they visit the Website.



The owner of the website www.jacoliva.com is JACOLIVA, S.L., with its registered offices at Pozuelo de Zarzón (Cáceres), Avenida de la Paz nº 3; registered in the Cáceres Registry of Companies, Volume 178, Book 31, Section 2, Sheet 8, Page 662, entry 1.


By accepting these General Conditions the user undertakes to use the Website and the services made available to him/her on it in the manner and form established therein. He/she is obliged to refrain from using the Website and its services for illegal purposes and/or purposes contrary to the aims established in these General Conditions that could infringe the rights and/or the interests of third parties, or which could in any way harm or prevent its proper functioning or the services offered or to be offered on it in the future.




Access to this Website is the sole responsibility of users. Any risks arising from the use of the Website by users will be their sole responsibility. JACOLIVA will not be liable for any possible damages that may arise from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone failures, or interruptions to the operating of this electronic system owing to reasons beyond the control of JACOLIVA; for any delays or obstructions in the use of this electronic system caused by defects or overloading of their Data Processing Centre, of telephone lines, the Internet system or any other electronic systems; or for any damages that could be caused by third parties through the illegal invasion of privacy beyond the control of JACOLIVA.

JACOLIVA will also be exonerated from any liability for any damages that the user may suffer as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by JACOLIVA, provided it comes from outside sources.



The information that appears on this Website was valid on the date of its last update. JACOLIVA reserves the right to update, modify or remove information from this website and is entitled to restrict or refuse access to it. JACOLIVA reserves the right to make at any time as many changes and modifications as it considers advisable and is able to use this power at any time and without notice.



JACOLIVA makes the greatest possible effort to avoid any errors in the contents that may appear on this Website. JACOLIVA does not guarantee or take responsibility for any consequences arising from errors that may appear on this Website in content provided by third parties. JACOLIVA is not liable in any way for any content, commercial activities, products or services included that may be directly or indirectly displayed on this Website through links, if and when there are any.

JACOLIVA reserves the right to prevent or prohibit the access to the Website of any Internet user who enters any content on this Website that is contrary to the law or which is immoral; it reserves the right to take any legal measures it considers appropriate to prevent this type of conduct.



JACOLIVA makes the greatest possible effort to allow browsing under the best possible conditions and to prevent any harm of any type that could be caused during the above.

JACOLIVA is not liable for any type of damage that may be caused to users though the use of other browsers or browser versions other than those for which the website has been designed.

JACOLIVA is not responsible for and does not ensure that access to this Website will be uninterrupted or free of error. Nor does it take responsibility for or guarantee that contents or software that may be accessed through this Web are free from error or from causing damage.



In compliance with that laid down in Organic Law 15/99 on Data Protection (LOPD) and its implementing regulations, as well as the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Law 34/02, JACOLIVA informs you of the following:

  1. Personal data collected from various forms included on the above Website will be included on automated files owned by the company with the aim of offering your our best possible service and of informing you of our services and promotions and with your prior consent expressed through your acceptance of the conditions of service on these forms.
  2. In compliance with current legislation this file has been registered on the General Data Protection Register.
  3. JACOLIVA will not transfer your personal data to third parties without your express consent.
  4. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the Personal Data he/she supplies to JACOLIVA and for communicating any change in these.
  5. If you wish you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition provided by law by notifying this in writing to JACOLIVA, Avenida de la Paz 3, 10813 Pozuelo de Zarzón, Cáceres, Spain or via our email: info@jacoliva.com
  6. You may also state at any time that you do not wish to receive advertising.

For any questions with respect to the confidentiality and personal data protection policy followed by JACOLIVA, please contact the above address.



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JACOLIVA declares that unless otherwise indicated on the Website the texts, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photos, video segments, sound segments, and other materials that may be found on the Website, and any other intellectual creations and/or scientific or technical inventions or discoveries, whatever their business or industrial application (collectively known henceforth as the “Contents”) have been created or invented by JACOLIVA or assigned, licensed, transferred or authorised to the latter by its owners and/or assignees.

The User agrees not to remove or alter any distinguishing signs used on the Website, such as but not confined to trademarks, business names (graphics, logos, etc), copyright and other information identifying the rights of JACOLIVA or third party owners included on the Website.

JACOLIVA is also the owner of all rights regarding any works, inventions, discoveries, patents, ideas, concepts, updates, or improvements related to the Website, its systems, applications and programmes or services that JACOLIVA provides, which are created, prepared, developed or implemented by JACOLIVA for the first time, either on its own or with the help of Website users, in the course of or as a result of any design, development or any other work carried out in accordance with the Contract.

El Usuario no podrá utilizar el nombre ni las marcas, símbolos, logos o signos distintivos de titularidad de JACOLIVA sin el consentimiento expreso y escrito de ésta.

The User may not use either the name or the trademarks, symbols, logos, or distinguishing signs owned by JACOLIVA without the express written permission of the latter. In the event that any user or third party considers that any of the contents existing on the Website involve an infringement of copyright or other intellectual property protection rights, please report this to the following address: JACOLIVA, S.L., Avenida de la Paz nº 3, 10813 Pozuelo de Zarzón, Cáceres. Spain



The rules of use that are contained in this Legal Agreement are governed by Spanish law. Both JACOLIVA and the Website users agree that any discrepancy that may arise with respect to the interpretation, fulfilment and/or enforcement of these rules will be specifically subjected to the jurisdiction of the competent Judges and Tribunals of Coria, Cáceres, specifically waiving rights to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.